Getting Things Done: Productivity Recommendations

I recently asked my Twitter followers what they want to learn from me. What are they interested in finding out about how I operate? They told me they wanted to know how I get things done. How do I do all the things I do? ☑️

In other words, they want a walkthrough of how EnginOS operates. 🖥️

I thought about that. 🤔

I decided to give you recommendations based on my productivity techniques. Here we go ➡️

  1. You cannot let others fill your calendar 🗓️: In today’s world, everybody sends multiple meeting invites weekly. And the recipients are expected to accept the invites with little questioning. Worse, people see each other’s calendars and take the free spots they see. This results in a situation where your calendar is dictated and determined by everybody else than you. If you set goals for yourself, how do you expect to achieve your goals on somebody else’s schedule? You will never achieve your goals. Determine your schedule yourself.
  2. You cannot let others determine your tasks ☑: This weird phenomenon exists in the business world and productivity applications. Others can create a task for you to finish. They can even assign a deadline and priority sometimes. However, if you want to reach the objectives of your business, your tasks will have to support the grander purpose. Only you can determine what tasks must be performed to achieve that objective.
  3. Your inbox influences your thinking. You cannot let others determine your thinking 📩: You should keep the communication channels open. Listening to all kinds of communication, including constructive criticism, would be best. However, you must keep useless or destructive communication from filling your incoming channels. You’ll need to actively encourage/discourage, like/block, and prune incoming communication. If you don’t, you will not dedicate enough time to think about the agendas that matter.

This post was originally made to LinkedIn on March 29th, 2023.

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