What Can Flow-Builders Do With Pen and Paper?

I attended Southeast Dreamin’ last week. This was my fourth event in Atlanta. I cannot be sure; the dates are blurry at this point.

I presented last year and delivered a hands-on training session this year. I was scheduled to give a hands-on training long ago, but Southeast Dreamin’ got canceled that year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have been a fan of the event for a long time. The hands-on training sessions make this event very unique. There are things you cannot do in a 20 min or a 40 min session. Sometimes you need 1.5 – 2 hours to teach a topic in a certain way.

I have been trying to get a session approved that does not involve the participants looking at their notebook screens the whole time. I submitted a session proposal on Diagraming/Mapping last year, but it was not approved. I delivered a different version of that session at Florida Dreamin’: It could not be very interactive due to its limited duration (40 minutes).

Before this year, Southeast Dreamin’ was held at another hotel. This year it was moved to the Georgia Tech Conference Center and Hotel. I liked the location a lot. The hotel was good, and the area was pleasant for walking in. The expo room was suboptimal, but I will leave that to the sponsors to evaluate.

Architect Flow Solutions Session

I delivered a session titled Architect Flow Solutions. I had about 25 participants. I divided them into four subgroups. I brought large Post-its, flip-chart paper, and markers. I gave them scenarios and 20 minutes to talk with their team to design their solutions. They had approx. 3 minutes to present to the other groups. I prepared four scenarios but did not expect us to go through all of them. We completed two scenarios. It was a very interactive session. We debated the advantages and disadvantages of each solution without passing judgment.

Group 2 Solutioning

I truly enjoyed delivering this session. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Participants said they wanted more; they wanted longer.

Group 3 Diagramming

I am torn on whether I should attempt this on Zoom with breakout rooms because we need to be in one room to do this best. What do you think?

Group 4 Presenting


I prepared a one-minute-long YouTube Short with the little clips I recorded in the session. I showed it to my daughter, and she said, “Where is the punchline?” Anyway, here it is if you want to see it:

Next, I have Midwest Dreamin’ coming in August: I will deliver a session titled Sometimes Later is Better; Async and Scheduled Flows.

I thank all Dreamin’ organizers, sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and participants.

This post was originally made to LinkedIn on July 6th, 2023.

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Flow, Newsletter

Emojis ❀️ and Dreamin’ Events πŸ‘Œ

Last week I posted about the exciting HTTP Callout flow feature here. This functionality is super cool, but not everybody will need it.

I will discuss something simpler that everybody can use this week: Emojis in Salesforce. πŸ‘

I learned about all the places I can use emojis when I attended the Florida Dreamin’ presentation in 2021 by Jonathan Linn. He delivered a presentation on Lightning configuration and showed that you could paste emojis virtually everywhere that accept text input (string) in Salesforce: Tab labels, quick action button labels, and formulas. I don’t think he talked about using emojis in flows, but a lightbulb went off with me when I saw his presentation. πŸ’‘

Here is a slide from his presentation. It still lives rent-free on Slack. 🀳

About a week ago, I received a request from Joy Fuller in the Salesforce Break Flow Support Slack Workspace:

“I would like to display a red arrow when a field value is decreased and a green arrow if it is increased. I tried using images in formula fields, but I’m trying to avoid creating two new separate fields. Is there a more efficient way to do this❔”

Leveraging the video screen-share capabilities of Slack, I recorded a video response. πŸŽ₯

I share a lot of content. It is impossible to tell what will go viral. It almost feels like spontaneous, simple content wins over polished and planned content. πŸ“œ

Here is the YouTube video of the short demo (under 2 min.).And here is the LinkedIn post that went viral. πŸŽ‰

The moral of the story is: Go to Dreamin’ events, folks. You will learn practical tips that you can easily implement to make your users’ lives easier. πŸ₯³

This post was originally made to LinkedIn on June 13th, 2023.

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TrailblazerDX 2023 Highlights

TrailblazerDX 2023 is over, but the announcements still draw some debate. The highlight of the announcements was EinSteinGPT.

The keynote included a comprehensive demo of the use of EinsteinGPT when researching a lead, preparing communications for an opportunity, and writing code and test classes. The demo also showed the use of EinsteinGPT in Slack. In addition, Salesforce announced a partnership with OpenAI to achieve this functionality.

Exciting aspects of the demo:

  • The demo included recent news and information about the prospect/client, but we know ChatGPT does not yet process and deliver recent information.
  • The demo included generative AI data as well as Salesforce CRM data. We have yet to learn how this is achieved.

If you are excited about this premise, you must be patient because a pilot is scheduled for Winter 24, not earlier.

A ChatGPT application for Slack was also announced, but there is a waitlist for customers to start using this application.

You can watch the keynote recording on Salesforce+.

Finally, a new mascot was added to Astro and friends: Flo. Flo will be the character for flow and automation in Salesforce. I love what the branding and community teams have done with this character. See Flo shown in the image above.

This post was originally made to LinkedIn on March 15th, 2023.

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May/June 2022 Content Announcement

Hello folks,

I dedicate this newsletter issue to the announcements for new content coming from me next month (May & June):

  • On 5/31/2022, I will broadcast a live session with my fellow content creator Melody Lwo, a.k.a. Flowsome, on YouTube and LinkedIn. The session has been posted, here on my Salesforce Break YouTube channel and on my LinkedIn profile.
  • I will answer flow questions during our monthly Flow Office hours session with Terry Miller on 6/10/2022. Register for the Flow Office Hours Here.
  • I am the leader of a brand new Trailblazer User Group for Architects. I will host Antoine Cabot, Senior Director of Product Management in Salesforce, on 6/15/2022. Antoine is leading the Orchestrator and Flow for Slack initiative. Register for the Architect session here.
  • I will present in Atlanta at Southeast Dreamin’ a session titled “Flow Trigger Explorer and Orchestrator”. You can find the Dreamin’ session details here and register for the event.

Now let’s get back to reading the Release Notes. Summer 22 will be in all of our Orgs soon.


P.S. Originally published on 05/17/2022.

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