HTTP Callout and Screen Flows

FlowFest v5

Last week I judged for the fifth FlowFest. I cannot believe we have five FlowFests behind us. The challenges were extra difficult this time. Two functionalities that came up repeatedly were the HTTP Callout and the data table component.

I will write about these topics.

You may remember. I wrote about the HTTP Callout GET method when it came out in beta. Now this functionality is in GA. Read the blog post here and watch the YouTube recording here. It shows you how to build a flow that can check the validity of a phone number.

GET functionality is limited. If you want to harness HTTP Callout’s full power, you need the POST method. POST is now available in beta as of the last release. You can find my previous post about how to build an HTTP Callout to shorten long URLs here.

Read the three-part blog series here.

I thank all the organizers, sponsors, judges, and participants of FlowFest.

This post was originally made to LinkedIn on July 14th, 2023.

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