Is There Flow After TDX22?

Hello folks,

After a busy week of TDX22 and two Dreamin’ events happening simultaneously, my tired brain is trying to gather and compile all the information. We need to avoid this scheduling conflict in the future.

Let’s dive into the future of automation on the Salesforce platform.

Summer 22 release notes are out. We will know more when the Release Readiness Webinars happen soon. However, we know already that the Orchestrator is GA.

The Orchestrator is a flow of flows, in other words, automation that helps us string flows together. It gives us the superpowers of scheduling and delaying screen interactions and assigning them to users, queues, and groups. Please read J. Steadman’s blog post here for the details.

On top of that, we have a few other posts worth mentioning that were published recently:

What do all these signs tell me:

We are in for a faster ride than ever before. Buckle up.

Recently released content:

Next week, I will continue my preview with the new screen flow functionality.


P.S. Originally published on 05/03/2022.

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