How to Build a Screen Flow to Complete Virtual Standup on Slack

The other day I wondered whether I could use screen flow in Slack functionality to record virtual standup updates.

Many of us are organizing our agile development work using our Salesforce Orgs.

I built a demo to do just that.

Demo Idea

The idea is to send a Salesforce screen flow to all relevant users every day at the same time. Upon launch, the screen flow will ask the user a few simple questions and record the update for the day in a custom object record called standup. Then when a standup record is created, another flow picks up the process and sends that update to a dedicated standup channel in Slack. You can see a roll of updates for the standup records in that channel.

Here is how it is done:

  1. Prepare your Org for the Slack connection. Give the necessary approval both on the Salesforce side and Slack side. Create your custom object(s).
Standup Custom Object Record
  • Build a screen flow in Salesforce and mark it under advanced settings available for Slack. This will create a custom Slack action for the screen flow.
Salesforce Screen Flow
  • Create a schedule-triggered flow to run every day at the same time and call the custom Slack action.
Schedule-Triggered Flow Calling the Custom Slack Action
The Notification the Slack User Receives Every Day
Screen Flow Displayed in Slack
  • Build a record-triggered flow to trigger on create and post the update to the dedicated Slack channel.

See my additional screenshots below.

Additional Screenshots

Create Records Element for the Standup Custom Record
Slack Message Action Posting the Standup to the Dedicated Slack Channel
Custom Slack Action Calling the Screen Flow

This post was originally made to LinkedIn on June 28th, 2023.

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