About Andy Engin Utkan

Andy Engin Utkan

Andy is an 18X certified Salesforce MVP and the founder of Salesforce Consulting Partner BRDPro LLC.

Andy is a consultant, trainer and a content creator who is passionate about automating business processes using Salesforce flow.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I met Andy at a local Salesforce Community event where we talked about all things automation, including the migration of legacy tools to Flow. He mentioned a cohort of his Advanced Flow Course (now Complete Flow Course) was starting up soon after. I signed up and I’m glad I did.

Previously I had taken Andy’s Udemy course, and while comprehensive, I needed more intensive guidance in the nuances of the Flow tool. His course provided that and more. He breaks the content into bite-sized pieces and builds each lesson on the content of the previous ones, and cements the concepts through interactive sessions. Andy is excellent at incorporating relevant scenarios into his classes, to ground the content in realistic scenarios. He also provided creative solutions to actual business cases that I brought to the interactive sessions (Using the current seconds digits as a proxy for a randomized selection…genius).

Andy remains supportive and available in the Salesforce community, which is unfortunate for him because I’ll be knocking on his Slack channel door whenever I need help (which is often).

— Daniel Globus – Manager Customer & Pricing Intelligence at CSX Transportation

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was lucky to be able to take Andy’s Advanced Flow bootcamp course. This was a six-week, instructor-led course – and we had homework, which was very helpful. Andy also had weekly office hours to help with our homework or any projects (work or personal) we had questions about. I had previously taken Andy’s Udemy course so I knew a little bit about flows, but this bootcamp really helped me develop an understanding and appreciation of flows. By the end of the end of the six weeks I was able to create flows quickly, and I was also able to go back to flows I had previously created and optimize them. This bootcamp has been invaluable in converting workflows to flows on two orgs and will help me architect better Salesforce solutions going forward.

One of the things I was most impressed with about Andy is he not only took three hours a week out of his schedule to teach us, but he also offered additional time if any of us felt we were falling behind. He was always available for questions. I also appreciated that while he was teaching, he would tell us tips and tricks he had picked up from years of working on flows. I highly recommend taking this bootcamp as it will help anyone struggling with flows.

— Rebecca Glasser – 5X Certified Solution Architect at Sodexo