Use Flow to get the running User’s Time Zone offset from GMT

When I went abroad as a teenager, I saw that Europeans were quickly impressed with my practical solutions. Putting together two things to create a workable solution was not a big deal for me.

I thought I was a much better-trained eye in this sense because we did not have many of the solutions that Europeans had readily available in Turkey at the time.

I think I worked that muscle when I was on Eric Smith’s blog looking at an invocable action he wrote for flow that returned the start of the day (midnight) for a particular date. I immediately asked what context the action ran because I built a flow for a Nonprofit before, and I had to jump through hoops to try and calculate the time in the correct timezone to be displayed on the screen.

If this action could give me the correct start of the day in the user time zone, I could calculate a time offset for the system time GMT and convert all system times to the user timezone.

Needless to say, the solution worked, and that is why I am here writing about it. Eric Smith was super kind to post a detailed blog post about this. Please read it below.



A couple of years ago, I created a component to convert a Date value to a Datetime value in a Flow. Recently, Andy Engin Utkan, figured out a way to use this component to overcome issues he was having when using a Display Text component in a Flow when trying to show Datetime values and have them display in the correct time zone.

You are unable to use a formula in Salesforce to determine a User’s time zone. Admins have created very complex formulas trying to calculate an offset based on the User’s State or Country but then they ran into issues trying to handle Daylight Savings Time adjustments as well.

Here’s an example presented by Eric Praud on Jen Lee’s “How I Solved This” Admin Podcast where he created a new custom object, added 9 custom fields to the User object and came up with this formula…

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