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Emojis ❀️ and Dreamin’ Events πŸ‘Œ

Last week I posted about the exciting HTTP Callout flow feature here. This functionality is super cool, but not everybody will need it.

I will discuss something simpler that everybody can use this week: Emojis in Salesforce. πŸ‘

I learned about all the places I can use emojis when I attended the Florida Dreamin’ presentation in 2021 by Jonathan Linn. He delivered a presentation on Lightning configuration and showed that you could paste emojis virtually everywhere that accept text input (string) in Salesforce: Tab labels, quick action button labels, and formulas. I don’t think he talked about using emojis in flows, but a lightbulb went off with me when I saw his presentation. πŸ’‘

Here is a slide from his presentation. It still lives rent-free on Slack. 🀳

About a week ago, I received a request from Joy Fuller in the Salesforce Break Flow Support Slack Workspace:

“I would like to display a red arrow when a field value is decreased and a green arrow if it is increased. I tried using images in formula fields, but I’m trying to avoid creating two new separate fields. Is there a more efficient way to do this❔”

Leveraging the video screen-share capabilities of Slack, I recorded a video response. πŸŽ₯

I share a lot of content. It is impossible to tell what will go viral. It almost feels like spontaneous, simple content wins over polished and planned content. πŸ“œ

Here is the YouTube video of the short demo (under 2 min.).And here is the LinkedIn post that went viral. πŸŽ‰

The moral of the story is: Go to Dreamin’ events, folks. You will learn practical tips that you can easily implement to make your users’ lives easier. πŸ₯³

This post was originally made to LinkedIn on June 13th, 2023.

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