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What Is The Vision For Flow Testing?

You showed great interest in flow testing when I wrote about it a few issues back. One of my concerns about this newly introduced GA functionality is that there is little documentation about it. 😟

When I shared this concern in Trailblazer communities, the Product Director for Flow Testing in Salesforce, Henry Liu, reached out. Henry and I had an open discussion on Zoom, and I asked him all the questions I had about testing. Please remember that this information is subject to the standard forward-looking statements disclaimer of Salesforce. Here is the recap of the questions I asked and the answers I received: 💡

  • Is flow testing for admins? Absolutely.
  • Will tests calculate coverage at some point? That is the vision.
  • Will a lower limit on test coverage be required before you can deploy flows to production? Salesforce asked admins this question, and the response they got was that this needs to be decided at the Org level. The vision is that this will be optional for the admin to decide.
  • Does flow testing show us that the flow will run without errors in production? Not exactly. Flow testing does not execute the actions inside the flow, for example. You can test whether the flow followed a certain path, but you won’t know that the flow action won’t yield errors when executed.
  • What should admins study to understand the principles of testing before tackling flow tests: Code testing and Apex test classes.
  • Where do you see this functionality will take us? What is the grand vision? In a couple of years, we should have an automated testing functionality that can test everything custom in Salesforce Orgs, including code.

I think the last point presents a potential future career opportunity for admins. Please note that we should expect Trailhead content on flow testing in the future. Here is a blog post by Jennifer W. Lee on this functionality.

I would like to thank Henry for his time.

This post was originally made to LinkedIn December 5th, 2022.

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