Salesforce Blogs I Follow

Here are the links I accumulated in my WordPress reader over the years.

The selection criteria are not very scientific and super simple. The site needs to be a Salesforce-related blog. I need to have come across the site somehow. And the platform needs to play well with the WordPress reader. Some platforms do not issue the content in the format that can be displayed in the WordPress Reader.

If you find a link has been added by accident and needs to be removed, or you have a link that you want to add please read the instructions at the end of the post.

Aaron Saray | Milwaukee
Adam To Architect
All About Salesforce
Analysis Paralysis
Another Salesforce Blog
Apex and Beyond
Ashish Agarwal
Audit9 – Cloud Architects
Automation Champion
Bir Bilgisayar – Tugce
Blog Martina Humpolce
Bob Buzzard Blog
Bob Buzzard Stack
BRDPro Blog
Certify CRM Blog
Chris Zullo
Cloud Architecture
Cloud Johann
Cloud Sundial
Coding With The Force
Douglas C. Ayers
Englhard Consulting LLC
Exploring on Salesforce
Force Lightning
Force of Anarchy
Force The Cloud
Gorav Seth
Jenna Molby
Jenwlee’s Salesforce Blog
Jordan Nelson
Jyothsna Bitra
Le Nguyen’s Blog
Let’s learn something
M Hamza Siddiqui
Managing Equitable,
Effective Teams
Matt McGuire
Meenakshi Kalra
Meera R Nair – Salesforce
Meighan Brodkey
MT-ing My Head
Nick’s Salesforce Musings
Paarth Jolly
Peter Knolle
Quirks of coding and
other related tidbits
Rampalli Sarma’s blog
Salesforce 9 to 5
Salesforce Ben
Salesforce Blazer
Salesforce Bolt
Salesforce Chris
Salesforce coding lessons
for the 99%
Salesforce Dad
Salesforce Diaries
Salesforce Facts by
Salesforce Memo
Salesforce Time
Salesforce Tips
Salesforce Weekly
Sara Has No Limits
Sarah’s blog
SFDC Learner
Sforce Maximizer
Sunshine and Other
Unhandled Exceptions
Terry’s Tidbits
The Data are Alright
The Spot For Pardot
The WeinBlog
Tidbits For You
Todd Halfpenny
Trailhead Baby
Vivek M. Chawla
Women Code Heroes

The list is alphabetically sorted by the title.

If you find a link that has been added by accident and needs to be removed, please comment below.

If you have a link that you want to add, please first make sure that the link is for a blog that:

  • Has at least ten posts.
  • Published a post in the last six months.
  • Includes educational content, and it is not all about selling a product or service.

You can add links that fit these criteria below in the comments, and I will review and approve intermittently.

I may even update the master list at some point.



7 thoughts on “Salesforce Blogs I Follow

  1. Hello Andy,

    Thank you for putting together such a list. I will put these in my reader as I am fully dedicated to the Salesforce ecosystem. Not to be gratuitous but, I started a blog that seems to be getting some traction. You can find it here:

    It would be an honor to get your thoughts or be added to your list 😉

    Thanks again.

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