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The Salesforce Flow Datatable component allows users to easily display and select data in a table format, making it ideal for various flow builds. The Salesforce Flow Datatable component enables users to sort, filter, and search through data.

There are mainly two screen flow areas I use the Datatable component for:

1) Related record operations: I need the user to select single or multiple records related to a record the flow is working on—for example, contacts on the account or cases on the contact.

2) Menu choice options: When I branch my screen flow logic, I need to give the user a choice that involves showing data in multiple columns. For example, add a product to the Opportunity.

In the latest release, the Datatable component received a few nice updates. Now we can add a search box on top of the Datatable. And a few limits have been updated: The component can show up to 1,500 records and supports a selection of up to 200 rows.

There are excellent functionalities I like to point out:

  • You can set up your data table to accept single-choice or multiple choices. You can also use this component to display data when you set it up as View Only. The single choice is in the output variable First Selected Row, and you don’t have to loop to get to the individual column/field values. One UI limitation is that the user cannot deselect after selecting a row in the Datatable.
  • You can rename the column header labels. Many fields have field names that don’t make great headers. Change them. You can use emojis in header labels as well.
  • You can set columns to Wrap the overflowing Text or Clip it.
  • You cannot allow the user to edit the values in the Datatable. For that, you still need the UnofficialSF Datatable component. If you are okay with having the user edit each record separately on a different screen, you can cycle through detail screens after the selection.

This component is an excellent addition to the Flow Builder.

If you want to learn more about the Salesforce Flow Datatable component, check out this Salesforce page.

This post was originally made to LinkedIn on July 3rd, 2023.

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