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Winter 23 Flow Usability Improvements Will Make Your Life Easier

Winter 23 comes with several flow usability improvements:

  • The toolbox left panel is turned off by default in auto-layout to make more screen space.
  • Element search on the Add Element screen supports text search for element names and subflows & actions.
  • Salesforce is reporting now that the canvas is bigger with more area to play with.
  • Screen configuration screen in screen flows takes up more screen space to allow more visibility for columns and component previews.
  • Update related records in Record-Triggered Flows got easier: A dedicated radio choice has been added.

Let me show a few of these with supporting images: add element dialogue now supports text entry. Elements, subflows, and actions are returned and displayed on the screen in response to the text search.

When you added a screen element in your flow builder, the configuration screen took a smaller portion of the screen, which made working with the screen design difficult. Now you get a bigger configurator window.

Updating records related to the records that triggered your flow got more guidance with this dedicated radio choice in the Update Records element.

What do you think?

This post was originally made to LinkedIn on September 14th, 2022.

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