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Winter 23 Flow Formula Syntax Check

Winter 23 brings you a “check syntax” button on the formula resource configuration screen. Previously we had this functionality only for the collection filter and the start element screens. What did you need to do before this release when debugging your formula resources?

  • You created formula resource(s) and closed out the screen for the formula resource configurator.
  • You saved the flow.
  • You received one or more error messages. These may be related to one or more formula resources.
  • You went back into the formula resource(s).
  • You made corrections and closed out the formula resource configurator.
  • You saved the flow again.
  • You rinsed and repeated. 😫

Now you will do this:

  • Build your formula on the formula resource configurator screen.
  • Click on the “check syntax” button on the same screen.
  • Review the error message and correct the error. Click on the same button and repeat. ✅

Needless to say, this will bring significant improvement in efficiency.

Now that I have received this functionality, I will ask for one more thing. I know I am getting spoiled:

A formula builder and syntax check in decision elements.

I did not know I needed this. But wouldn’t it be awesome?


This post was originally made to LinkedIn on October 9th, 2022.

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