Fast Field Updates in Record Triggered Flows (Winter 22)

The biggest flow change in Salesforce Winter 22 may be the smallest!

After Winter 22 Release: You are presented with one single screen for all your Record-Triggered start element options. When you go to your flow screen & click on the “Record-Triggered Flow” button and then “New”, you see this screen:

Record Triggered Flow Update - Winter 22

Your choices are:

  • Fast Field Updates: This means before-save
  • Actions and Related Records: This means after-save

While there is nothing new here in terms of functionality, this screen may throw you off. This is a welcome change for new learners, while it may be confusing at first for folks who have been building Record-Triggered flows for a while now.

You can also see on the same screen that a asynchronous path functionality has been added.

What do you think of this change? Please let me know your comments.


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