The Orchestrator Vision

Hello folks,

I presented at Texas Dreamin’ two weeks ago. I shared a use case I implemented using the Orchestrator.

The main message of my presentation was to think big when you are working with the Orchestrator.

There are a few reasons for that:

  • The Orchestrator is not free. You should solve a decent-size problem to get a return on your implementation.
  • The tool is complicated. If your use case is not complex, the chances are you will find a way of implementing it with flow and admin tools.
  • The Orchestrator is powerful when you are coordinating tasks going between the silos of the organization.

There were a few observations I shared:

  • The Orchestrator is not an excellent approval process replacement. It does not lock records, and it is harder to implement. Furthermore, Salesforce said the approval process wouldn’t go away.
  • This solution works best when you need to schedule or delay user screen interactions which were not possible before.
  • The tool also can send tasks to users, groups, or queues, which means you will need a broad implementation scope to make the best out of it.

What was the use case I presented?

First, the salesperson wins an opportunity; then, the system checks whether the product in the opportunity line item is in the inventory or not. Next, the automation asks management to approve the order fulfillment and the production request if there is insufficient inventory. Finally, the Orchestrator will create a contract and an order for the opportunity, then a work order to get the item produced if necessary and shipped right after.

Overarching broad processes like these are great for the Orchestrator.

I think it is important to think big before tackling the Orchestrator canvas.

Let’s remember you will be much better off mapping your process before you implement it using this tool. Things will get complicated.

Check out my process map for the use case on top of this page.


P.S. Originally published on 05/10/2022.

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